About Us

About us

Rob Swagten

Founder & Habit Coach

Our Story

I’m born with a passion for entrepreneurship. A few years ago, I also became passionate about personal development. With Worthy Tweaks, I’ve found a way to combine these passions by helping people with their personal growth. Every day I’m excited to get up and work on our vision. I’m mostly responsible for the business development and strategy of the company.

Habits. If you are like me and you are interested in self-improvement, you have probably come across the importance of them. Countless books, articles, videos and podcasts talk about this topic. Looking around we wonder though: How many people are really in control of their habits?

Learning about a lot of different habits, that are supposed to be very beneficial, made me curious about how we would experience certain habits. Trying some of them, but rarely actually sticking to them long enough to see some results or just not being aware of the changes, got us -most of the time- ending up at the same place with the same old routines.

Thinking about this challenge, we realized that 30 day challenges might help us to solve exactly that. While doing some research we found that a lot of people around the world are doing 30 day challenges to create good habits. We realised that 30 day challenges should be a lot more common and utilised because they are a great way to experiment and solve the challenge of starting and not sticking with habits.

Also, being a fan of journaling we thought it would be very supportive to have a journal that is designed to help people through the 30 day challenge which makes sure all the benefits are reaped. From this idea blossomed Worthy Tweaks and its “30 Day Challenge Journal”. After a long time of developing and testing, we are now beyond excited to bring this valuable product to the world!

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