Increase your impact through the power of habits

Our white-label journals are proven to help people develop new habits. Backed up by scientific research, our content aims to offer a framework that guides its users along the way by means of The 30 Days Challenge. Due to our individual yet structured working method, the journals can be effectively applied to both your staff and customers.

Little time? Our team makes sure the development of the  journal fits into your schedule. Our experts customize the journal to your specific needs. Our copywriters suitably translate your desired message to the audience. Illustrators can make the visualisations that will make the journal experience complete. Content designers communicate all information in the best way possible

Boost your customer retention

Do you have many one-time-purchases? Are your customers facing difficulty with committing themselves for a long enough time? Would you like seeing your customers use your products and services on a daily basis?

Start benefiting from our proven journaling method which will help your customers to build habits with your products. We can develop a (white-label) journal for your customers in which they will be guided to build a steady habit with your products or services. The journal will help your customers to make the commitment to really use your products and services the right way and to follow this commitment through.

Increase the change that customers will start seeing positive results and get more customers that will want to keep using the products and services. Get more returning customers that have really implemented your products and services in their lifestyle and create that steady revenue that will big difference for your business.

Boost your staffs engagement & productivity

Do you want to help your staff build the right habits? Do you want to contribute to the personal development of your staff? Do you want to decrease your staff’s absence by helping them to build healthier habits? Or do want to help them build the habits that will increase their productivity?

Let us develop (white-label) journals for your staff. Through our proven journaling method, you can challenge them to develop and improve their habits. With your personalized journal, you help them to learn and implement the actions that benefit themselves and your company. We can create journals for your existing staff, but we can also create onboarding journals for new staff. With the journal, you can then introduce them to your company culture to make sure they understand your values and the desired behavior within your company.


Ready to get started?

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