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“Together with Worthy Tweaks, we developed our 30 lesson plan with little time and effort. This journal helps our tutoring students build the right learning habits. A super nice ‘tool’ to increase the quality and impact of our service. Thank you Worthy Tweaks!” (Testimonial translated from Dutch)

Thomas van Mierlo 

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Guided journals for lasting change

Science-based tools that help your clients implement new knowledge and insights in a structured way. 

Knowledge and insights without implementation has no value, but implementation is also not enough if it is not permanent and consistent. That’s why, as a coach, you naturally want to bring about lasting habit change in your clients. After all, only with the right habits they can create and maintain their desired results!

Yet we all know that habit change can be quite a challenge. Unfortunately, no matter how well people know what they want to do, actually doing it consistently is another story. There are many things that can keep them from making lasting change; their traumas, limiting beliefs and mindset, destructive environments, health and energy levels and most importantly their awareness of all of these things.  

As a professional, it can sometimes be challenging to really help people change their lives for good. But what if you could offer your clients additional support in their changes?  Wouldn’t your job be much easier if your clients were more self-aware? Wouldn’t you be better able to help them achieve their full potential permanently?

Our journals use proven methods and strategies, making habit change a lot more manageable. Small changes, which we also call “Worthy Tweaks,” can make a huge difference. Your clients can build the desired habits faster and easier, which will increase the impact of your services.

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What our journal licenses can do for your (coaching)business?

Make change fun and attainable

Habit change is quite a challenge for many people. Our journals provide support and structure to make the process easier with scientifically proven strategies. Plus, our journals are super fun to work with!

Improve your credibility

By offering your own product and journal you will gain more prestige from potential customers and partners faster. Your own journal shows people that you are serious and professional. It can give that extra confidence that makes them want to work with you.

Grow your offer

With your own journal, you can support people in an additional way beyond the usual coaching sessions. It helps to keep them engaged with your program independently.

A Tool for reflection & accountability

Journals can be wonderful tools to keep your clients accountable for their activities and reflections. By using a journal, you and your clients can increase your awareness about the growth process, patterns, lessons and areas for improvement.

Increase your impact

The better your clients can follow through on the plans and commitments made, the more impact you can make! With the scientific strategies in our journals, the chances of success are increased!

Save time and effort

Maybe you already had the idea to develop your own product or journal. Working with us will save you seas of time and effort in the development process.

Attract More Clients & Create extra revenue

Selling your own journal can provide an additional income stream on its own, but can also be the perfect entry product (lead magnet) to attract more clients to your coaching. More clients = more €€€!

Work with the journal(s) that suit you and your service

Life Area Journals

  • The Improve Your Physical Health Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Mental Health Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Work life Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Personal Finances Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Personal Development Challenge
  • The Improve Your Relationships Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Leisure Time Challenge 

Focus Habit Journals

  • The Healthy Eating Challenge 
  • The Build A Meditation Practice Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Structure & Planning Challenge 
  • The Work From Home Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Sleep Challenge 
  • The Daily Gratitude Challenge 
  • The Stop Complaining Challenge 
  • The Reduce Your Stress Levels Challenge
  • The Eat Vegan Challenge 
  • The Play An Instrument Challenge
  • The Seek Discomfort Challenge 
  • The Quit Sugar Challenge 
  • The Quit Caffeine Challenge 
  • The Language Learning Challenge 

– We have all journals both in English and in Dutch. –

Receive the preview version of our habit journal

    Read some testimonials about our journal below

    Your Product. Your Method. Your Branding.

    You are unique! And that’s why your journal deserves to be all about you and your branding! With our white label options you have the ability to use our tested journal framework as the basis for your own journal, but you also have the ability to fully customize the journal to your way of working, writing style and branding. This way, the product really becomes yours!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We, at Worthy Tweaks, are experts in the field of habit and behavior change. In addition to our individual coaching, we have been developing and experimenting with science-based habit journaling for over 3 years. We have had hundreds of users and have received very positive feedback so far. Our journals ensure that your habits align with your goals by using science-based strategies, daily reflection, and motivational and inspirational information. 

    All journals are based on the framework of our original 30 Day Challenge journal, which we developed ourselves through extensive research into the latest behavioral sciences. We have used much of the work of BJ Fogg (Behavioral Scientist at Stanford University), Kelly Mcgonigal (Stanford University psychologist) and James Clear (Habits Expert & Author). Feel free to ask questions about our method and how it was further developed.

    There are several ways to do that and you get to decide that for yourself! You can make the journals an integral part of your coaching program, or you can make it an entry level product and then offer your coaching program. You can also use the journals as a “downsell” if people don’t want to go for the full coaching program. As you can see, several possibilities! 

    That depends on the exact agreement we will enter into. That price depends on the number of journals you want to use, the area where you are going to deploy the journals, the period for which we enter into the agreement, the adjustments you want to make, etc. We will send you an appropriate quote after our introductory call if there is interest in this! 

    Simple. We can guarantee that it will take a lot less time and effort. Developing a good quality journal is a big task. We have already invested a lot of time, money and energy in the development and testing of our journals and through our licenses you can benefit from this in one fell swoop. 

    That depends if you want to make adjustments to our journals or not! Without adjustments you can start right after signing the agreement! If you do want to make adjustments to the content and/or branding of the journal(s), we’ll look together at what you need to do to make this happen. 

    Great that you are interested in this! We can best explain this whole process verbally! So please schedule a call below especially and we will explain everything in detail. 

    Rather develop your own journal from-scratch?

    We can help you with this too! With our expertise in habit gathering and experience in journal development and design, we can help you develop your perfect journal. A unique and unique product that you can be proud to share with the world! Have a look at the portfolio website of Rob Swagten (the founder of Worthy Tweaks).

    YES! Let's talk!

    We’d love to meet with you to hear about your business and vision. Then we can start sparring whether a journal fits nicely into your vision and whether we can help you make this a reality.  Schedule a call with Rob (the founder of Worthy Tweaks) below or send an email to info@worthytweaks.com! 

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