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By Alexander Keehnen & Rob Swagten

Let’s face it; Entrepreneurship can be difficult and lonely sometimes. You have a grant vision, but to make that vision a reality, you have to overcome many challenges that come your way. This might create impatience or frustration for you. Trust us… we can relate.

We have good news though; You’re not alone on this planet! Many people are walking or have walked a similar path from you. Your weaknesses are other people’s strength. What you see, is not what others see.

And YES, there are many people that would love to support you on your entrepreneurial journey! 

But… to truly take advantage of this, you want to be consistently taking the actions that help you to leverage others. 

But how do you leverage others? 

Simple… implement the habits we’ve described in our guide! 

Why would you want to implement these habits?

You gain more clarity and confidence

You prevent mistakes others have made

You can focus more on what you love to do

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About The Writers

We are Alexander and Rob. We know what challenges entrepreneurs go through because we are entrepreneurs ourselves. Furthermore, we both learned that trying to do your business all by yourself is not something you want to do. Luckily, we also learned this is also not necessary and that there are tons of ways how you could leverage others. After doing our best to master this game for ourselves, we’ve decided to help others with this as well. For the past 2 years, we’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to leverage others in order to become better entrepreneurs and business owners.  

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