The Detox Bundle


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Instant download
Secure Payment
Satisfaction Guarantee

Do a good detox with this journal bundle!

✅  Science-based
✅  Increase your self-awareness
✅  Train your willpower
✅  Develop a habit that brings you closer to your goals
✅  14-Day Money-Back Guarantee
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Some of the people we have guided toward habit-change.

This is the Detoxify Bundle; a collection of in total three challenges, each of them relevant for everybody’s life. From quitting sugar and refusing caffeine to adopting a vegan diet: the steps to a detoxified body! These research-based challenges encourage you for a period of at least 30 days to playfully break negative patterns, and implement new, better eating habits. Are you looking for a way to detoxify your body and better your life by implementing these three important areas in your life? Then this bundle is the solution for you!


  • The quit sugar challenge
  • The eat vegan challenge
  • The quit caffeine challenge

So… are you up for the challenges?

You can be one challenge away from finding and building the habit that will change it all for you!


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