The Improve Your Physical Health Challenge


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Improve your physical health in 30 days!

✅  Science-based
✅  Increase your self-awareness
✅  Train your willpower
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Some of the people we have guided toward habit-change.

This is the Improve Your Physical Health Challenge; a practical and science-based journal, that helps you obtain a better physical health. Did you know that people with a healthy body are not only in better shape, but also feel more confident? Time to become aware of the advantages of having a strong and flexible body. By means of proven methods, we like to challenge you, to experiment for 30 days with different techniques and exercises. In this journal, we help you – through meaningful insights and goal-oriented questions – to develop a greater self-awareness, exercise daily, and better your self-reflection. Since we all live in different bodies, it is up to you to experiment and reflect, until you have found the right routine for you. By holding yourself accountable for your progress, you strengthen your self-control also. To sum it up: this journal is the weapon for improving your physical health, so you can TODAY feel fitter, stronger and happier!

Prevent the most common mistakes with habit change

With The 30 Day Challenge Journal you will prevent yourself from making the most common mistakes with habit change. You will do this by:

  • Properly preparing for the changes you want to make
  • Creating habits that are in line with the person you are
  • Not overwhelming yourself and focusing on one thing at the time
  • Using proven and science-based strategies
  • Staying engaged with the process
  • Consistently reflecting and growing your self-awareness
  • Determining practical action steps to implement the lessons you have learned

The end result

As a result, you will:

  • Stop wasting time by trying to create habits that you are not maintaining long enough to see tangible results and to learn if a habit suits you or not.
  • Save effort by stopping to create habits that don’t suit you and your life by creating habits that feel natural to you!
  • Improve your personal growth by choosing what challenge and approach is best for you.
  • Ensure your success with your 30 day challenge.


  1. Introduction: You will first receive a valuable introduction about the journal and the method you are going to work with.
  2. Prioritizing and deciding: Here you will reflect on your current situation in life. From there, you can prioritize and decide which challenge you want to take on!
  3. Starting questions: In this part, you will put some thoughts on paper about what challenge you are going to do, how you are going to do it and, most importantly, why you are going to do it. Furthermore, you will go through some questions that will greatly contribute to your success with this challenge.
  4. Build-up Calendar: You will decide if and how you are going to build up the intensity of your new habit.
  5. Daily pages: Here you will do your daily evaluations to stay aware and engaged. You will also prepare for the next day with powerful affirmations!
  6. Midweek enrichments: Halfway each week, you will receive some useful wisdom about a relevant topic for your challenge.
  7. Weekly evaluations: At the end of each week, you will look back on the week, see what you have learned and determine the desired action steps for the next week.
  8. Final evaluation: To finalize your challenge, you will look back on your overall experience with your challenge. You will determine the pros and cons of your habit and you decide if you’re going to maintain the habit or not!

So… are you up for the challenge?

You can be one challenge away from finding and building the habit that will change it all for you!


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