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Master Your Habits With This Exclusive Group Of Like-Minded In Go-Getters

What would we be able to achieve if we could consistently DO all the things we would want to do? What if we could make the most crucial activities to reach our goals a steady part of our lifestyle and identity, to the point that we barely have to think about it any more? 

In this information age, you probably know how you can improve your life and what activities you could do or should try. Knowing what would be good to do is not the problem for most people. The problem is DOING! We all know, changing our current patterns and routines can be a pain in the ***.

But if consistently taking the right actions is most people’s problem, but at the same time, also the most crucial component of reaching your goals, wouldn’t it make sense to improve our ability to do? Wouldn’t it make sense to start mastering our ability to change? 

Can you truly grasp the power and potential you have if you could master your habits? 

If you answered “YESS” and if this is something that gets you excited, then this might be the right place for you…

Our success formula:

Science-based journals

Use the 30-Day Challenge Journals from Worthy Tweaks to find and build that habits that take you to your goals and suit you and your lifestyle. Click on the book icon to have a look at the different journals.

Mastermind Group

We have an exclusive community platform where you can find a group of like-minded individuals that you can connect with. We keep each other sharp, inspire & motivate each other and share our ideas and network.

Live Habit Training

On the community platform, Rob (Founder of Worthy Tweaks) gives a Live Training twice a month on the topic of habit and behaviour change. Members also have the opportunity to ask questions here.


Accountability is one of the most effective strategies to make lasting changes. We hold each other accountable and members can get personal accountability from the trained accountability coaches of Worthy Tweaks. This accountability is done through a habit-tracking application we use.


Having a habit coach that you can brainstorm with and that can guide and inspire you to make the right decisions can be an absolute game-changer for people. Members can get personal coaching from one of the habit coaches of Worthy Tweaks.

Our Core Values

Membership Levels


Membership includes:

–  Access to exclusive              community platform

– The 12-Month Blueprint       Journal

– One 30-Day Challenge         Journal p/m

€27 p/m


Membership includes:

– All perks of the Bronze        package

+ 2 Accountability Group        Calls p/m


€47 p/m


Membership includes:

– All perks of the lower         packages

+ Daily Accountability


€147 p/m


Membership includes:

– All perks of the lower         packages

+ 4 Coaching calls p/m


€247 p/m


Membership includes:

– All perks of the lower         packages

+ The 90-Day Habit                  Engraining Program

First 3 months:

€497 p/m

After that:

€247 p/m

* Make the commitment to pay for a year in advance and get 20% off!

Who's leading/organizing this?

This group and community is being led by Rob Swagten. Rob is habit coach and is the founder of Worthy Tweaks. 

Rob is a huge personal development fanatic and has made it his mission to help thousands of people to personally grow by helping them to align their actions with their goals. Besides running Worthy Tweaks, he’s also the leading the product development of the company and, as a habit coach, he’s also helping personal clients to become the best they can be.  

Are you interested to speak with Rob before you apply for your membership? Click here to schedule a call with him!


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