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Science-Based Journals

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Guided habit journals for lasting transformation

Science-based tools that help your clients implement new knowledge and insights in a structured way. 

Knowledge and insights without implementation have no value, but implementation is also insufficient if it is not permanent and consistent. That is why, as a coach, you naturally want to bring about lasting habitual change with your clients. Only with the right habits can they create and maintain their desired results. 

Yet we all know that habit change can be quite a challenge. No matter how well people know what they want to do, actually doing it consistently is unfortunately a different story. There are many things that could hold them back from lasting change… Their traumas, limiting beliefs and attitudes, destructive environments, health and energy levels and mostly their awareness about all these things.  

As a professional, it might sometimes be a challenge to truly help people to change their lives forever. But what if your coaching experience could be made easier for both the client and yourself? Wouldn’t your job be much easier if your clients were more self-aware? Won’t you be able to help them harness their full potential?

Our journals use proven approaches and strategies, making habit change a lot more manageable. Small changes, which we also call “Worthy Tweaks”, can make a huge difference. Your clients can build up the desired habits faster and more easily, so the impact of your service will bigger.

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How can our journals help your coaching business move forward?

Make Behavior change fun and attainable

Helping your clients developing new, healthy habits has never been so simple. Our journals are easy to comprehend, very practical, and they offer the freedom to create one's own habits. Moreover: There is plenty of room for experimentation which makes the journal both fun and informative.

Increase credibility

Create a strong image by leading your clients with this practical tool. Our proven framework shows people you're serious and open-minded at the same time.

Add value/expand offer

Use the 30 Day Challenge Journals to add more value during and in between your sessions. You can use them as a guide, sell them or even build your own 'program' around the journals!

great accountability Tools

The 30 Day Challenge Journals are splendid tools to guide your client, hold him or her accountable and reflect accordingly. Working together like this greatly improves communication to create long-lasting results.

Increase succesrate

The 30 Day Challenges are based on a scientific framework, written in a very approachable manner, to enable every client to correctly implement the information into his/her daily routine.

Create extra revenue

Leading with the 30 Day Challenge journal helps you generate more sales, and attracting more clients. It is an ideal lead magnet!

Optional: acquire rights to adapt the journal in accordance to your own style and methods.

Use your creativity to boost your coaching business by modifying the journals wherever you seem fit!

Preview The 'Original' 30 Day Challenge Journal

Work with the journal(s) that suit you and your service

Life Area Journals

  • The Improve Your Physical Health Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Mental Health Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Work life Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Personal Finances Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Personal Development Challenge
  • The Improve Your Relationships Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Leisure Time Challenge 

Focus Habit Journals

  • The Healthy Eating Challenge 
  • The Build A Meditation Practice Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Structure & Planning Challenge 
  • The Work From Home Challenge 
  • The Improve Your Sleep Challenge 
  • The Daily Gratitude Challenge 
  • The Stop Complaining Challenge 
  • The Reduce Your Stress Levels Challenge
  • The Eat Vegan Challenge 
  • The Play An Instrument Challenge
  • The Seek Discomfort Challenge 
  • The Quit Sugar Challenge 
  • The Quit Caffeine Challenge 
  • The Language Learning Challenge 

– We have all journals both in English and in Dutch. –

Helps with awareness and consistency!

“If you want to actually reach your goals and if you can use some structure to make this happen, this journal will do great things for you. It’s clear and provides a daily reminder and motivation for the small steps you need to take in order to reach your bigger goals!  The 30 Day Challenge Journal helped me to consciously and consistently undertake actions which really improved my physical possibilities after these 30 days. I’d really recommend it!”

Ruth Kiers

Huge impact!

“Don’t let the little 30 day Journal fool you! What appears to be just a small journal has a HUGE impact on your life.

It has helped to completely transform my daily routine, as a result I’m more productive with my time and I’m seeing the benefits with my health and happiness. I will be ordering another one. Brilliant!”

Lewis Moses

Three options to increase the impact of your service

Bulk Order Journals

Buy our journals with a discounted price and get them shipped to your home.

Journal Licences

Get the digital files of our (20+) different habit journals and get permission to implement them in your coaching business in any way you want.

White Labelled Journals

Receive personalized journals with your own brand name, corporate identity and personal modifications and additions.

Bulk Order Journals

Do you want to buy our physical journals and use them in your coaching business? If you order 10 or more of our journals in our webshop, you can save 40 to 50% from our regular prices!

10+ journals -> Save 40%
40+ journals -> Save 50%
Discounts will be automatically applied during checkout.

Want to order more than 100 journals?
Great! Click here, fill out our contact form and let us know the desired number of journals and we will send you a custom quote.

Journal Licences

With our journal licences, you get permission to implement one or more journals into your service. You can sell them separately to find more potential clients, you can make them part of your service, or you can give them after a completed program. Whatever it is, you can use the journal(s) as if they were your own! 

Curious about the various journals from Worthy Tweaks?  Click here >

White Labelled Journals

With this option, our brand name will be removed from the journals and you will have the opportunity to customize our journals according to your wishes. Your own business name, logo and brand identity can be implemented here, so that the product really suits you and your business. 

We can provide you with the source files (Adobe InDesign) of our journals so you can make the adjustments yourself, but we can also offer support in making the design and content adjustments. 

Curious about the various journals from Worthy Tweaks?  Click here >

Strengthens discipline and commitment!

“The 30 Day Challenge Journal has helped me to strengthen my discipline which helped me with my commitment and getting through the tougher days of my challenge. It also helped me to really learn as much as I could from my challenge. I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to grow personally.”

Chelsea Prent

Makes easier!

“ What amazed me is how well put together this journal is. It truly is a guide to help you through the process. I particularly loved the part about accountability and rewards. It suddenly was way easier for me to stick to my challenge and I made it through the 30 days! Definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to implement a new habit into their routine!”

Lisanne Moorman

“These are journals that can take your service to the next level…..”
–  Rob Swagten (Founder of Worthy Tweaks)

Frequently Asked Questions

We, at Worthy Tweaks, are experts in the field of habit and behavioural change. In addition to our own experience with individual coaching, we have been developing and experimenting with scientifically based habit journals for more than 2 years. Hundreds of people have used our journals to build new habits and we have received very positive feedback so far. To share the power of the journals with other companies and coaching business, we started offering our B2B services. We hope we can help you too! 

All journals are based on the framework of our original 30 Day Challenge journal, which we developed ourselves through extensive research into the latest behavioural sciences. We have used much of the work of BJ Fogg (Behavioural scientist at Stanford University), Kelly Mcgonigal (Stanford University psychologist) and James Clear (Habits expert & author). Feel free to ask questions about our framework and how it came to be.

This depends very much on your exact wishes! We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your wishes and the possibilities, and then come up with a personalized proposal that fits your budget. 

Get in touch with us

Would you like to learn more about our journals or licences? We are happy to get in touch with you to answer your questions. Leave your details and we will get back to you soon!

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